….Tiki Classics…

Tiki Style Mai Tai
A mesmerizing mix of tropical juices, two of our rums; one light, the other a Cruzan Blackstrap Rum—deep dark blackstrap molasses rum. Our signature drink. $9 Go for a more classic style with Meyers $10

The Velvet Mai Tai
Raise your mai tai game with some sweet and spice. Velvet falernum, Plantation Pineapple Rum, freshly squeezed limes and finished with an OFTD float. $12

This creamy, luscious drink goes down super smooth. An elevated cocktail featuring El Dorado 15, fresh juices and a dash of nutmeg. $14

Sneaky Tiki
Our rum punch concoction of Malibu Passionfruit, rum and a mix of tropical juices. $8

A serious tiki cocktail swirled with fresh juices and a dangerous float of Cruzan 151 $12 or a float of OFTD $13. Limit 2 per person.


Mango- Strawberry Daiquiri
A tasty twist on the classic blended drink. $9

Pina Colada / Chi-Chi
We make this tropical classic extra creamy with fresh Maui pineapple and your choice of rum or vodka. $10 Or go big and make it a Lava Flow or Maui Sunset. $11

The Green Flash
Didn’t see the mythic green flash? Say you saw it here. Stoli Vanilla and Midori with tropical juices and fresh pineapple. $10

The Endless Summer
The search for the perfect drink is over. A mix of pineapple SKYY vodka, mango, Coco Lopez, and pineapple juice. $10

….Light and Refreshing…

Maui Mama
Our version of a Bahama Mama. Rum complimented with banana and coconut flavors. $9

Beach Bum Rum
Kick back with Malibu Melon, Midori, mango and lemonade. $9

Jameson Mule
An Irish mule with Jameson, fresh lime, and ginger beer. $9

….Popular House Drinks…

A mouth-watering combination of Tres Generaciones tequila, citrus, and lime with a float of Grand Marnier. $11

Oh My Goddess
Blueberry vodka with a splash of pink lemonade for simple and sassy deliciousness. Locals call it the OMG. $7

Lychee-Watermelon Martini
Not too sweet, very refreshing, and garnished with a lychee fruit to satisfy the tiki idols. $9

Volcano Martini
Deep Eddy Lemon and juices, shaken with a fresh jalapeno and rimmed with li hing mui salt. $9

Virgin Cocktail
Try a virgin version of our Pina Colada, Lava Flow, Mango or Strawberry Daiquiri $7

…On Tap…

Coors Light $4
PBR $4
Modelo $5
Longboard $6
Big Wave $6
Ask about Our Seasonal Tap


Angry Orchard $5
Michelob Ultra $5
Blue Moon $6
Miller Light $4
Bud / Bud Light $5
Mirror Pond Pale Ale $6
Coors Light $4
Newcastle Brown Ale $6
Corona + Light $5
Red Stripe $5
Dos XX Lager $5
Stella Artois $6
Heineken + Light $5
Stella Cider $6
St. Pauli Girl (N/A) $5


Maui Brewing Company: Coconut Porter / Big Swell IPA / Bikini Blonde $6 Mana Wheat $7

Guinness $7
Modelo $4
White Claw $6

…Wine + Champagne + Rosé…

Sycamore Lane: Chardonnay  Pinot Grigio, Merlot or Cabernet $7 / $28
Bollicini Sparkling Rosé $8
Freixenet Champagne Split $8


Orange Juice $5
Pineapple Juice $4
Grapefruit Juice $4
Cranberry $3
POG $3
Pink Lemonade $3
Iced Tea $3
Ginger Beer $5
Ginger Ale $3
Sprite $3
Coke / Diet $3
Dr. Pepper $3
Red Bull $5