2024 Reader’s Choice Awards Maui – Hawaii Magazine #4 Best Bar on Maui

2023 Reader’s Choice Awards Maui – Hawaii Magazine #4 Best Bar on Maui

NYLON Magazine – Maui Travel Guide – “To scratch the partying itch, head to Maui’s South Shore Tiki Lounge. The relaxed bar was buzzing during the day, likely due to their imaginative and strong cocktails.”

Elle Magazine – Elle ESCAPES Maui – “Remember the bar in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Well, it was fictional, but this one is as close as you will get.”

2022 Reader’s Choice Awards Maui – #4 Best Bar on Maui

Salt Lake Magazine – Road Trip Maui – “For the classic tiki bar experience, check out South Shore Tiki Lounge. The patio is perfect at night, and regular live music makes for impassioned sing-along opportunities.”

Hawaii Magazine 2021 Best of the Best – Voted #4 Best Bar on Maui by Hawaii Magazine readers.

Hawaii Magazine Summer 2020It’s Tiki Time feature “It’s a kitschy hotspot a block away from the beach…”

Hawaii Magazine April 2020 “Best of the Best” – Voted Best Bar on Maui by Hawaii Magazine readers

Restaurant Review: South Shore Tiki Lounge Celebrates 15 Years – Maui Time Weekly – January 30, 2020

Eating the Best in Maui – Flight Network – December 2019

25 Best Romantic Things to Do on Maui – Dream Vacation Magazine – Dec 2019

Best Bars in Maui – AFAR Magazine – November 2019
“With its thatched roof, bamboo bar, and surfboard decor, this beloved watering hole—often voted Maui’s best bar by locals—checks all the tiki boxes.”

Outstanding Local Business – Sept 24, 2019
South Shore Tiki Lounge was acknowledged by the State of Hawaii for being an Outstanding Local Business and our contributions to the local community.

Best Pau Hana on Maui – Maui Time Weekly July 2019
“You can’t go wrong grabbing some cold refreshments at the Tiki Lounge after a long day.”

14 Best Bars in Maui – Conde Nast Traveler May 2019
“The vibe here is fun, the tiki drinks are cheap, and everyone’s having a good time—what’s not to love?”

Pick Your Poison: Where to Drink on Maui – Maui Craft Tours May 2019
For laid-back tropical bar hangs with classics like the Zombie, Mango-Strawberry Daiquiris, Lava Flows and Pina Coladas, Kihei’s South Shore Tiki Lounge offers just what you’re craving when it comes to fun and fruity rum cocktails, late night dancing, lanai seating and live music.”

Maui Time Weekly, July 2018
South Shore Tiki Lounge named Best Pau Hana in Maui

Supercall, April 2018
The Best Bars in 2018’s Hottest Destinations

Hawaii Magazine, April 2018
South Shore Tiki Lounge voted Best Bar on the island of Maui by Hawaii Magazine readers.

Maui Time Weekly, July 2017
South Shore Tiki Lounge named Best Pau Hana in Maui

The Culture Trip, March 2016
South Shore Tiki Lounge named one of the 10 Best Bars in Maui.

PBS: Where is the Best Pizza in the Hawai?, June 2015
PBS named South Shore Tiki Lounge best pizza in Maui.

Maui Time Weekly, July 2015
South Shore Tiki Lounge wins BEST BAR for the 3rd year in a row (7 all time!)

Back 9 Network, Tour Stops: Outside The Ropes at Maui’s Hyundai Tournament of Champions. January 2015

“Featuring an indoor and outdoor space, South Shore Tiki Lounge has plenty of space for your crew to hang out in, with musicians, DJs, and entertainers each night.”

Travel + Leisure, December 2014
Thanks to Travel + Leisure magazine for the little write up and including South Shore Tiki Lounge in the Top 5 Places for Nightlife on Maui:

“Maui has a rule that prohibits dancing in an establishment without a dance floor (weird, we know). Luckily, not only does the “Tiki Lounge” have a proper dance floor for partying, but it’s usually packed with everyone in South Maui looking to tie one on. Late night DJs and evening drink specials help to keep the party going until closing at 2 a.m. ”

Maui Time Weekly, July 2014
South Shore Tiki Lounge wins BEST BAR again. Josh wins Best Bartender and Renee wins Best Server runner up.

Maui Time Weekly, July 2013
South Shore Tiki Lounge wins BEST BAR! Grace wins Best Bartendress and Renee wins Best Server. Even our hotdog got a nod as a runner up for best local hot dog.

Maui Time Weekly, July 2012
South Shore Tiki Lounge wins BEST LOCAL PIZZA 3rd year in a row! Annie wins Best Server and more…

AAA Hawaii, November/December 2011
That’s Amore – These pizza places will sweep you off your feet.

Maui Time Weekly, July 2011
South Shore Tiki Lounge wins BEST PIZZA again, Emily Swearingen wins Best Server and more…

Maui Time Weekly, April 2011
South Shore Tiki Lounge evokes polynesian tiki drink culture with new cocktail menu…

Maui No Ka Oi Magazine
South Shore Tiki Lounge awarded silver Aiopono Award for BEST BAR 2011

Pacific Business News, July 9 2010
In Worst of Times, Bar Owners Find Success by Sophie Cocke ” For complete story, click here.

Maui Time Weekly, July 2010

Voted BEST LOCAL PIZZA and BEST PLACE TO DANCE. Sarah Stern is 2x reigning Best Female Bartender. Runner up nods for Jake Morris, Best Male Bartender and Charissa Hernandez, Best Female Server.

Maui News, Feb 11, 2010
“A host of new menu items are tempting diners at South Shore Tiki Lounge in Kihei. ..” Click here for the story.

Maui Time Weekly, October 2009
“Awesome pizza… arguably the focal point to Kihei’s famed Barmuda Triangle.” Click here for the story.

Maui Time Weekly, July 2009

Voted BEST BAR for the fourth straight year. Sarah Stern wins Best Female Bartender. Runner up nods for Jake Morris, Best Male Bartender and Best Place to Dance.

Maui Weekly, June 5, 2009
Trisha Smith writes, “Whether it’s the charismatic staff, health- and local-conscious fare, its owners’ commitment to the community or the fire-breathing humanoid along the bamboo wall, the South Shore Tiki Lounge mixes all the right ingredients in their recipe for success.”

Maui  Time Weekly, Ono Kine Grinds
Kate Bradshaw writes, “While many of us would be happy just to sit in the shade huddled over our small vats of jungle juice, it’s good to know there is at least one place that recognizes the importance of community—and more importantly makes some tasty grub.”

Maui Menus, April/May 2009
“Multiple bars make the Kihei Kalama Village, locally dubbed “the Triangle,” a bustling center of activity every night of the week, with multiple late-night venues. Besides a popular sports bar and Irish pub, there’s the South Shore Tiki Lounge, which has a cozy dance floor that fills up every night from 10pm until closing. ”

Art & Culture Maui, May/June 2009
Art & Culture on Maui May/June 2009 issue  published an article entitled “Reinvisioning Tiki.” Covering the history of the Tiki subculture, the piece also touched on the South Shore Tiki Lounge and the new artwork that adorns its walls. Pick up a copy of Art & Culture on Maui or click here to view in their schnazzy online page flipper. The article starts on page 14.

Maui News, Thursday, April 23

BLOWING SMOKE . . . The tiki’s eyes glow red and smoke spews from its open, sharp-toothed mouth. At night, it lights up the bar scene, as people sip tiki drinks and DJs spin dance tunes. Earlier in the day, the South Shore Tiki Lounge in Kihei is getting raves for its healthful menu, with items such as Tahitian ceviche, vegan chili and fresh Maui fish sandwiches with coconut-almond rice. “We took this place over in December and we’re trying to clean it up and put our stamp on it,” says owner Mikhail Tassi. “We strive to buy local and use only the finest and the freshest ingredients.” Mikhail’s wife, Alma Tassi, agrees. “Our bread products are made with wheat and malted barley flour. They contain no dairy and are cholesterol free. Pizzas are crafted from scratch and sauces are made from fresh Roma tomatoes and fresh herbs and spices.” – Carla Tracy, Dining Editor

Maui Time Weekly, Thursday April 23 : Places to Get a Good Burger Alternative

The Lounge has an excellent trio of meatless options that our vegan staffer mentions with a loving lilt to her voice: the veggie hot dog (pictured), vegetarian chili and, naturally, veggie burger. All of the above are great mid-bender options for those nights when you’ve been swallowed up by the Triangle and need something besides rum in your belly but don’t want to be weighed down by meat. (Note: It’s not veggie, but the “Mother Clucker” chicken sandwich deserves mention for the name alone.)

Maui No Ka Oi Magazine, May/June 2009

South Shore Tiki Lounge awarded silver ‘Aipono Award for Best Bar.

Maui No Ka Oi Magazine, March/April 2009
Hot Spot: You’d expect the torches, and maybe even the fiery-eyed tiki spewing smoke from its gaping mouth. But it’s the health-conscious bar food that really excites. Those watching their cholesterol will applaud Chef Danny Paquette’s trans-fat-free friend goodies, like the rice-flour calamari on the Tiki Pupu Platter. The grilled sausage sandwiches can pack a spicy punch, so keep the light-as-a-feather french fries close at hand. Gourmet pizza (whole and by the slice), burgers, salads, and several vegetarian menu items round out the menu. With Happy Hour daily, DJs siz nights a week, and a hip, picnic style atmosphere, it’s easy to see why this place has been a South Shore institution since 2002. –Heidi Poole, Maui No Ka Oi Magazine

Maui Weekly, March 19-25, 2009
Voted Best Kama’aina Deal in South Maui by readers of Maui Weekly!

Hair of the dog – Best places to imbibe a morning-after blood Mary
South Shore Tiki Lounge, Kihei
This is a choice spot for those desiring a little sunshine while reversing the symptoms of zombieism. The bloody Mary here is certainly incongruous with this place’s retro-tropical motif, especially since it’s served in the same tiki fishbowl glass as the rum and pineapple concoctions for which the Tiki Lounge is known. It’s kind of like reading Heart of Darkness in a blizzard, in a good way.
-Maui Time Weekly

Take FivePlaces to eat mid-bender
South Shore Tiki Lounge, Kihei
I’ve mentioned this place a few times in this space, usually because of their booze. But my admiration extends beyond the Lounge’s ability to get me toasted, the oxygen bar, or even the kama’aina deals. You see, they have vegan chilidogs. And, like, nine different types of ketchup. This is one of a few establishments where I’ve actually been able sit at the bar and order food I, given my dietary restrictions, can eat.
-Maui Time Weekly

Maui Time  Weekly “Best of Maui 2008”
Best Bar, Winner
South Shore Tiki Lounge
Nestled in the heart of Kihei’s fabled Bar-muda Triangle, this place is the quintessential island boozer’s haven; a landslide victory for the retro-tropical set. Yet there is more to the place than blowfish lanterns and killer punchbowl Mai-tais. The surprisingly-not-too-sweet lychee-watermelon martini gets my vote, tasty and intoxicating. They also serve great housemade pizza, salads, and sausage sandwiches. The place gets pretty packed on weekends, and there is either live music or a DJ spinning out tunes every night. Bonus: their kama aina deal scores those of us who live here half off on food and drink from 11am to 4pm. Every single day.

Best Male Bartender, Winner
Renie Hamayelian, South Shore Tiki Lounge
I should probably disclose right now that I’ve had a major crush on Renie for about four years, but I promise I had nothing to do with the vote count. In fact, I’m pretty sure that hundreds, no thousands of Maui women have had the hots for Renie over the years. Alcohol does that to you. Scratch that, alcohol and a highly intelligent bartender who’s literate, articulate, rides a motorcycle, plays some pretty good poker and can pour a Guinness like a god does that to you. I have heard that there is a Mrs. Renie and I’d like to send out a congratulations on landing the best guy on the island, er, Best Male Bartender. I’ve heard that you totally deserve each other and hope that you’ll live happily ever after. Damn it, where’s my beer?!

Best Dishwasher EDIT PICK, Winner
Scott Kilmer, South Shore Tiki Lounge
What can I say, except the man knows how to clean a glass. Many a night I have watched this bartender stand behind the South Shore Tiki Lounge bar, loading and unloading the dishwasher, trying to understand the nuances of his trade. Never have I seen him break a glass! Not one! I have no idea how he does his job, but he does it with élan and a professionalism that is seldom seen on this island.

Orange and Black Drinks
Tequila sunrise
Not exactly a Halloween drink, I know, but at least the coloring is right. I had a run-in with one of these on a recent, ill-advised Sunday morning trip to the bar. The orange that characterizes the tequila sunrise possesses a glowing quality, which I believe to be due in part to grenadine. Or maybe magic. I must say I’m more of a Bloody Mary type when a Saturday night defies my concept of linear time by stretching straight on through to Sunday morning. But if you’re going to go super-sweet, why not add insult to injury with one of these?
– Maui Time Weekly

Take FivePlaces that have a lot of Unusual Stuff on the Walls
South Shore Tiki Lounge
Actually, the Tiki Lounge really only has one thing on the wall—a massive tiki head with eyes that light up bright red and a small generator that breathes smoke from the gaping mouth. Scary? Not really. Kitschy? Absolutely. But it’s also kind of cool.
-Maui Time Weekly



Voted “Best Bar on Maui” 2020 and 2018 by Hawaii Magazine readers

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