3 Reasons to SHOP SMALL this Year

South Shore Tiki Lounge is a locally-owned business and we are proud to be a part of Shop Small Maui. If you’re interested in supporting local this holiday season, click here to find other participating local businesses. Here’s why it matters:

What’s Earned Here, Stays Here
Local shops employ local residents, which means more job opportunities and income within our community. When you SHOP SMALL instead of online, more sales tax is generated by your favorite local stores, which can then be used to improve our own community. By shopping at independently-owned small businesses, you are also supporting other local businesses such as attorneys, tax preparers, architects, printers, etc., who support our small business owners.

It’s a Kākou Thing
When our local businesses thrive, the entire community thrives! From hosting book groups to craft classes and free keiki events, Maui’s small businesses serve as community hubs that bring friends and family together. They also keep our economy humming by supporting local artists, food producers, and manufacturers.

Mālama Mother Earth
Shopping locally helps cut down on processing, packaging and transportation waste, leading to less pollution. Also, locally grown food is likely to contain more nutrients and has less packaging.

Kihei Shopping Slackers! There's hope.

If you woke up this morning and had to ask yourself, “Say, when’s Christmas?” you may have some catching up to do. For those of you in Kihei Town, avoid the chaos of going shopping in town and peek out Kihei Kalama Village. From everyone’s favorite Mahina to Jen’s adorable keepsake ornaments and locally made soaps and lotions, there is some cool stuff anyone would be stoked to get under the tree. When your bags are full, pull up a stool at South Shore Tiki Lounge and order yourself a cold one for a job well done!